10 Things You Didn't Know You'd Need For A Summer Music Festival–Until It's Too Late

Summer Music Festivals

Summer music festivals are an endurance race unlike any other, but if you’re properly prepared the end result is well worth the $400+ ticket you bought. The catch is that once you start your journey, you’re pretty much committed to the cause with what you’ve brought along.

I’ll be the first to admit that you won’t be able to bring these ten items in your pocket so you might want to bring a backpack with you, or stuff this stuff in your GF’s bag.

It’s also important to note that the 10 things below are only applicable to day festivals–not overnight ones. If you’re camping, please don’t just bring these things because you’re going to be f*cked.

#1 – Baby Wipes

There are a lot of uses for baby wipes. Your armpit, your face, your hands, your butt–these are all things that will get very dirty at a music festival. Truthfully everyone in your crew doesn’t need to have one a pack of baby wipes, but if you have a small backpack we suggest being the one to carry them.

#2 – Sunscreen

So lame, I know but the truth is that you’re going to be outside for long periods of time. The sun will absolutely sap you of energy if you’re not protected against it and since you want to be able to rage for as long as possible, SPF 30 is suggested. Your mom was right.

#3 – Cash

As someone who never carries cash with me, this is always the one thing I forget. But then I have to stand in line for 30 f*cking minutes to pay a $5.00 surcharge IF I’m lucky enough to find a machine with actual money in it.

#4 – More Drugs

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, you’re going to do drugs at a festival. That’s pretty much a given. The only thing that’s going to change is what types of drugs you’re going to do. But no matter what your poison is, you’re going to want to bring more than you were originally planning on. I can’t count the amount of times “my friends” have gone to a show and not had the necessary amount of weed. Then you have to go searching for some, maybe you get ripped off, maybe you don’t. It’s a nightmare. Bottom line, bring more drugs. Just don’t get arrested.

#5 – Portable Phone Charger

Like sunscreen, this is also very lame but there are few things worse than having zero battery at a music festival. How else are you supposed to meet your friends, or record a video of the set while simultaneously blocking everyone’s view? Bottom line is that if you own one of these, bring one with you.

#6 – Advil

Headaches. Depending on the weather and how much Red Bull you’re drinking, you might get a headache. Stash some Advil somewhere. Alternatively you could stop complaining about the pain and chug a beer but that’s like $8 more expensive the Advil.

#7 – Friends Phone Number (Written Down)

There have to be at least 50 people a music festival who lose their phones. There’s a small chance that person could be you. Play it safe and write that shit down on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet/fannypack.

#8 – Ride Home’s Number (Written Down)

Same thing as #7, although this is even more important. Despite what you might think when you’re peaking on Molly, you don’t actually want to spend the rest of your life at the festival camp grounds. Make sure you have a way of getting home.

#9 – Condoms

There are some crazy motherf*ckers at a summer music festival. Make sure you bring protection.

#10 – Sneakers (on your feet)

Flip flops are cool but you’re going to want sneakers because A) your feet will get stepped on more times than you hear “turn up” and B) all that jumping and dancing is actually going to put a serious beating on your feet–especially if you’re doing more than one day.