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The Breast Of Alison Brie’s Vanity Fair Video [Stills + GIFs]


Maybe we’re taking the cancelation of Community harder than we thought–or maybe we just can’t resist the allure of following up this morning’s Gillian Jacobs gallery with a hard look at Alison Brie’s recent shoot for Vanity Fair. Everybody knows by now that Gillian Jacobs’ Community co-star can rock a hot retro look. In fact, the magazine’s interview concentrates on Alison as one of the ladies of Mad Men. We’re happy with whatever invoked the glamour of Alison’s Vanity Fair shoot–which is also caught on video at the magazine’s website.

Of course, we have to catch more of Alison than just a fleeting look on video. That’s why we’ve put together the sexiest stills from the Vanity Fair video, and then manipulated time and space to create some generous GIFs of Alison’s fantastic photo shoot.

But can you make it past this animated magic to check out the singular shots? We do not  know. That’s the kind of thing that every man must answer for himself. We’re still pretty sure that there are no wrong answers–just as there’s nothing wrong with checking out even more of our Alison Brie GIFs

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