Playmate of the Year 2014 Kennedy Summers' 25 Hottest Instagram Photos

Today Playboy announced that Kennedy Summers (Miss December 2013) has been named Playmate of the Year 2014. Rather than publish some of her Playboy photos–which you know d*mn well we can’t do–we thought that we’d take a look at her hottest Instagram photos (@misskennedys).
Having taken a look at what she’s got to offer on Instagram, we’d just like to point out that Kennedy has a criminally low number of followers. Guess how many followers she has at the time this was published? Less than 30K. Am I crazy for thinking that a Playmate of the Year should have at least 50K? It’s certainly not for lack of content or sexy pics, that’s for sure.
So take a look at the best of what she’s got to offer, then follow all her social media pages.

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