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Ayem Nour Flashes Panties At Cannes, But There’s More… [PHOTOS]


French actress Ayem Nour stole the show at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday, courtesy of getting her dress caught on a car door. The results (as seen above) were pretty spectacular.

Of course, there’s a long history of sexy gals using the Cannes Film Festival as an opportunity to get attention. A plunging cleavage and plenty of international pics really launched the career of scandalous ’60s sexy symbol Jayne Mansfield. Legendary model Edy Williams once scored lots of press by riding around in Cannes in a convertible with both of her tops down. That’s all kind of sedate compared to things nowadays, where porn stars will just spend the day on the beach in a bikini while posing for photographers.

We’re thinking that Ayem suffered the rare honest wardrobe malfunction, though. She still deserves to be part of the Cannes cavalcade. After all, the striking brunette became a star in her own country courtesy of stints on shows like Hollywood Girls and…um, Hollywood Girls 2. Ayem also stays busy as an entertainment correspondent, so she might have even been planning to do some work on the other side of the red carpet. (Her fancy Twitter account sure makes it look like she’s on the job.)

Ayem has also survived a date with Chris Brown, so she’ll probably get through this little accident just fine. Or even better, since she’s definitely a lot more famous today than ever before. So let’s be appreciative of Ayem for livening up the red carpet in Cannes  (along with Adele Exarchopoulos)–and let’s check out these amazing pics to see why Ayem is worth a lot more attention…

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