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Yale’s Brandon Sherrod Chooses Singing Whiffenpoofs Over Basketball


Yale Brandon Sherrod Whiffenpoof

Yale basketball player Brandon Sherrod had a difficult decision to make going into his senior year. He could either play for the Bulldogs, or take the year away from the game to join the school’s Whiffenpoofs–that being Yale’s legendary a cappella singing group. A lot of sports fans just got surprised when  Sherrod went with the Whiffenpoofs and chose to miss the upcoming season.

There’s some serious clout in singing with the Whiffenpoofs. The singing group goes all around the world, and will play in every continent (except Antarctica) next year. Sherrod still deserves a lot of credit for making this decision. This was supposed to be the year where Yale made a serious run in the Ivy League and their first NCAA Tournament appearance since 1962. Obviously, Sherrod believed that the prospect of traveling the world and singing was a better opportunity and he called it just that as a “once in a lifetime opportunity.”

He sang in his church choir growing up, and will be along 14 students who will travel around for a group that formed in 1909. It is something that Sherrod wanted to do and if he wants to do that and enrich his life over basketball, that’s a grand and smart decision. He will return to the court for the 2015-16 season for Yale.


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