Viktoriya Dov Last Hurrah on "Mixology" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Viktoriya Dov on Mixology

(9:30 PM EST, ABC)

It’s a big week for the networks as new shows are announced and other shows are canceled–and your See Her Tonight column is very sad to lose Mixology. We weren’t really fond of the actual sitcom. It was interesting to have a show that was set in a single night of barhopping, but that couldn’t keep Mixology from still being a meaningless look at twentysomethings. The real bonus was in the mingling of main cast members with recurring sexy extras in the background–giving us gals like Ginger Gonzaga and Chasty Ballesteros. [photo: Diego Madrigal]
We also had Viktoriya Dov as a regular milling around the tables–and, yeah, maybe it is a little stalkerish to be tuning in regularly to a gal who’s only in the background. This Russian beauty has still been worth the eyestrain. In fact, we’re saying goodbye to Mixology (with tonight’s episode appropriately titled “Last Call”) by taking a second look at Viktoriya Dov with a whole new gallery of sexy shots. That’s after our first leer look at Ms. Dov right here.
But what can we add about this Russian immigrant who first came to Vegas as a teen before landing in Los Angeles? Well, Viktoriya’s biggest break yet has been making the background of Mixology. We’ve still noticed that a lot of guys have discovered her Youtube channel. Viktoriya recently put up a video about her Schwarzenegger/Stallone obsession that scored plenty of visits, and also contributed to her ever-growing Twitter account.
Viktoriya’s stayed busy as a model, too. Mixology has only been on the air for a few months, but Viktoriya has already provided us with plenty of sexy new shots. And while Mixology will soon be a thing of the past, we’re going to ponder these pics and figure that Viktoriya still has a bright future….

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