Olivia Munn Is Making Sure Aaron Rodgers Has a Very Good Year [PICS]

So there’s supposedly some kind of official news about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn now dating—and we’re supposed to believe that this is a new development two weeks after Oliva Munn broke up with (fake) Robocop star Joel Kinnaman. We have our doubts about that. After all, we were pondering why Olivia Munn was at the Academy of Country Music Awards with Aaron Rodgers way back at the start of April. She was wearing that dress above, too, which looks like this in the front…

We’re pretty sure that Aaron Rodgers scored big that night–or at least made a really honest attempt. We know that we would’ve had to rush those goalposts, if you know what we mean. It’s a sexual connotation that we’re drawing between the sport of football and the sight of Olivia Munn’s breasts. Except that we would’ve fumbled the ball, while Aaron Rodgers probably scored a touchdown. By which we mean that we think Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn had sex back when Olivia Munn was still supposedly riding Robocop.
Yes, it’s all bold speculation on our part–but that Robocop remake sucked and Aaron Rodgers is a single guy with a Super Bowl ring, so we’re all for whatever happened at the Academy of Country Music Awards. That was held in Vegas, too, so there’s a universal rule about how nobody can judge that, anyway. You can, however, judge these pics and get an idea of why Green Bay fans are going to have a beautiful view if these two lovebirds keep mating through the next season…

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