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Justin Bieber Attempts To Rob A Woman, Makes Girl Cry



Another day, another skirmish with the law for our least favorite Canadian. This time it looks like the pop star got into a fight with some bros at a mini golf complex. It doesn’t get much cooler than getting into an aggressive altercation while playing mini-golf.

Apparently during the fight some woman apparently tried to capture the ordeal on her phone. Justin “King Joffrey” Bieber came over and demanded her phone to erase any photos that she may have taken. When she refused to hand her phone over to him, he reached down into her purse and grabbed it. She “wrestled” with him to get it back and finally she did becuase he couldn’t unlock it. When it was evident she had taken no photos and that she just wanted to say hi along with her 13 year old daughter, the Biebz said, “You’re humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don’t you just get out of here?”

She’s the one humiliating herself, Justin? This 20-year-old is on a highway path of destruction at an alarming Chris Brown record. It won’t be long before some really bad stuff goes down for Bieber. Continue to date hot girls, don’t keep getting in petty fights or street racing.

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