Georgia Salpa Turns 29 With 29 Sexy Pics [PHOTOS]

Georgia Salpa was born on May 14th, 1985, in Athens, Greece, which means three important things. The first is that she’s not officially English, so she didn’t make our list of The 50 Most Popular English Glamour Models on the Web. The other is that Georgia Salpa is officially of Irish heritage, which makes her Irish/Greek, and that turns out to be a sexier pedigree than a lot of people ever expected. Finally, it seems that Georgia Salpa’s 29th birthday is a great excuse to throw together 29 of her sexiest pics.
But let’s first celebrate Georgia Salpa’s amazing life, with the 5’8″ model quickly becoming an honorary Brit babe with her major following in England. She’s a regular presence on FHM‘s annual 100 Sexiest Women poll, and even graced the cover of the 2013 issue. The curvy gal also enjoyed the usual Celebrity Big Brother exposure, and we’re sure that the viewers at home enjoyed her exposure, too.
There’s also been some controversy, like when Georgia popped up in a bikini for a Food & Wine photo shoot that some readers considered to be gratuitous. We’re very happy not to be working at Food & Wine, because we’re thinking that pics of Georgia Salpa are pretty damn necessary. Especially on this most important of days that should count as a national holiday in three countries. Check out these pics, and our American readers will likely agree that the USA could also use more Georgia Salpa Days…

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