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Adele Exarchopoulos Graces Cannes With Red-Carpet Sideboob [PICS]


The Cannes Film Festival has started up with a big whimper, as the Princess Grace biofilm Grace of Monaco opened the screenings and proved to be as dull as its title. Fortunately, the lovely Adele Exarchopoulos showed up to provide some real glamour. She was an unlikely suspect, too, since Adele is mostly known for playing a punkish lesbian in last year’s Blue Is The Warmest Color. She looks set to be a big deal at Cannes this year, too.

Adele’s mostly been focusing on French films lately, but we’re very excited to see that Adele also has an upcoming turn with Charlize Theron in an upcoming film called The Last Face. That one is set to be directed by Sean Penn, who is also Charlize Theron’s boyfriend, and we know what kind of movie we’d be making if we could get our girlfriends together with Adele Exarchopoulos . It would make  Blue Is The Warmest Color look like the most hetero-normative movie in the history of Womyn Film Festivals.

You’re going to have some happy hetero feelings of your own as you check out this new look at Adele–while we go hoping for more uncanny Cannes displays on the red carpet…

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