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Nina Agdal Sells Handbras As An Avon Lady [PHOTOS]


So what does it take to get us excited over an Avon photo shoot? Just bring in Nina Agdal, since she’s one model who’s always ready to liven up a photo shoot. Nina couldn’t even let a humble Avon shoot go by without a chance to add a new pic to our Definitive Collection of Nina Agdal Handbras. We’re not belittling the fine line of Avon products, though. Have you ever seen the after-shave canisters that they used to make in the ’70s that looked like vintage cars or antique revolvers? Those were cool.

Anyway, check out these brilliant behind-the-scenes shots and ponder what it takes to get behind the actual scenes of a Nina Agdal photo shoot–after you check out Nina getting out front and center, of course…

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