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Ben Affleck as the New Batman, And His Response To Haters… [PIC]


ben affleck batman

Movie director Zack Snyder did a major tease via Twitter yesterday for his upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie–and now it’s paid off with the first official shot of Ben Affleck as Batman, plus the bonus of seeing the new Batmobile, which was all we expected in the first place.

The new image features Affleck in the Batsuit standing in front of an uncovered Batmobile surrounded by a cloud of movie smoke that Hollywood just loves to use in such dark, brooding shots. It’s still a little dark so you can’t quite make out every detail of how the new Batman will look but it’s certainly an eyeful and really looks different from the Batmen we’ve seen so far in movies directed by Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher and Christopher Nolan.

Of course, the Internet is sure to have a million different opinions about the new look of the character but it looks like they’ve done a pretty good job without straying too far from the aspects that make it work. The suit’s iconic ears are a little smaller and more understated. They aren’t the long, pointy ones that Michael Keaton wore that looked like they could poke a man’s eyes out if he ran at them head first.

The suit is also a little more understated and almost tasteful. If anything, he actually looks darker. It looks like Bruce Wayne wanted to make a suit that would easily help him hide more in the shadows. That should definitely fit in nicely with the film’s darker tone. And for something lighter, we’re pretty sure that this is Ben Affleck’s current response to all the internet folks who complained about his casting…

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