Monday's Twitter Feed: The Best of the Babes….

It’s an amazing day on Twitter, as we round up the best gals of May 12th, 2014–a day that will live in infinite babes! Or at least 22 amazing gals who brightened up our day. The best part about the COED Twitter feed, of course, is that we get to check out all kinds of gals. If left to our own devices, we might just be getting obsessive over gals in bikinis, or maybe the sexiest ladies of a certain country. Twitter, however, makes sure that we get to enjoy a daily parade of all kinds of girls–including a vital few that might go unnoticed. Take a look at the these ladies and appreciate a wide range of beauties, from new faces to a few favorites. And don’t forget to make these gals part of your own daily Twitter feed…

44 Hottest Adriana Lima GIFs
44 Hottest Adriana Lima GIFs
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