Mercy Malick on “Castle” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Mercy Malick on Castle

(10:00 PM EST, ABC)

Castle is a quirky enough detective drama that your See Her Tonight column immediately guessed it would be females in the biker gang that our heroes encounter tonight–and we’re really happy to be right with Mercy Malick showing up as one of the tough gals. Yes, this is another example of our love for stunning stunt gals like Sarah Molasky, London Elise MooreMonique Ganderton, and Vanessa Vander Pluym.

Mercy Malick hasn’t been hidden behind the scenes, though. She’s really established herself as a hip gal showing up in all kinds of fun projects. Also, she’s a contortionist, and gals like Mercy are why COED ends up compiling things like22 Really Really Really Flexible Girl GIFs. Mercy isn’t some willowy gymnast, though. She’s a built babe who also has the upper-body strength to perform in midair and do some spectacular pole-dancing.

And yet we probably first saw Mercy Malick playing a porn star on one of the 2008 webisodes of the late and lamented Chuck–although she had also shown up on Gilmore Girls as a waitress. That was a pretty weird waste of Mercy Malick’s very particular set of skills. It made a lot more sense when Mercy showed up in a weird hipster indie film version of “Richard III” as a knife thrower. Mercy was also very believable as an intergalactic soldier in the 2010 web series Trenches, and showed up on Dexter as a battered victim while also doing some stunt work.

And we sure noticed Mercy when she appeared with Anne McDaniels in Attack of the 50-Foot Cheerleader, and won’t miss her as “The Lesbian” in the bizarre upcoming thriller The Circle. Mercy isn’t the kind of gal that blends into the background, but you’ll still want to check out these pics as a warmup for tuning in to her tonight….

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