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Maria Sharapova Wins Madrid Open In Fine Form [PHOTOS]


It’s a great start to the week for Maria Sharapova–although the tennis star starts every week by looking just like Maria Sharapova, which is pretty great in itself. Still, the lady is a real winner coming off the Madrid Open, as she managed to rally to a win over (the stunningly-stackedSimona Halep on Sunday. We’ll concede that Maria’s biggest advantage was that she wasn’t facing off against Serena Williams. It was still a great day for the 9th-ranked player who also always ranks toward the top of the rankings of hot tennis pros.

Check out some of Maria’s fine form over the course of the Madrid Open right here–and then you might want to check out plentiful pics of Maria looking just as sexy off the court, although it’s really a good idea to first check out the bod that makes her a champion. And don’t worry if she’s looking a little awkward in some of these hot shots. Tennis is like rock ‘n roll, and you can’t look fierce without looking a little dopey sometimes. That’s a lesson that Beyoncé hasn’t learned

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