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Jay Z Versus Beyonce’s Sister Solange in Elevator Brawl [VIDEO + PICS]


Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles tries to give Jay Z a beating in what looks to be the biggest bout of 2014–brought to us courtesy of the boxing promoters at TMZ. The best muckrakers in the biz have elevator-camera footage of Solange doing her best to give Jay Z a proper beatdown. Fortunately (for Jay Z), there’s a bodyguard around to stop Solange from doing any real damage. The guy almost lets Solange get in some shots, though. That’s probably because the bodyguard wasn’t expecting to have to protect Jay Z from his sister-in-law…

Jay Z is also really lucky that there was a camera around to prove that he was a gentleman who didn’t hit Solange in self-defense. TMZ also notes that the bodyguard was quick to stop the car between floors to keep the fighting private. Well, at least until TMZ came along.

The altercation appears to have been in the aftermath of last week’s Met Gala party, which is a big society event where people aren’t supposed to be hitting other people in the elevators. That reminds us that this video also has Beyoncé staying in the background and kind of waiting out the drama, which was probably the best move. We wouldn’t want to get in between Solange and the object of her fury. We don’t know how family relations are right now, of course–but we are happy to present these reminders that Solange is a kick-ass beauty…

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