44 Hottest Adriana Lima GIFs

Adriana Lima is one of the biggest names in the Victoria’s Secret universe–but we’re still willing to say that she deserves to be a much bigger star. We don’t hear her name invoked often enough as one of the hottest models around. Of course, the Adriana Lima brand has to survive the challenge of being a brunette, but Brazilian models usually manage to make that work for them.

Adriana Lima has been one of the biggest names in modeling since 2012, when she starred in two different Super Bowl spots that really rocked some retail sales. Adriana turned the Kia Optima into one of the year’s hottest new models, while her Teleflora spot pretty much let that company own Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t just some model being tossed into the mix, either. Industry analysts were quick to agree that Adriana Lima had helped to make a real impact in those ads. 

Adriana doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to up her brand, though. She’s only done the barest flirtation with acting, and seems happiest with her curvy bod filling out all the finest fashions. That certainly makes us happy, along with her work in lingerie and bikinis. We’ve certainly celebrated Adriana with plenty of pics (including her awesome handbras), but now it’s time for some poetry in motion as we admire exactly how Adriana moves with some magnificent GIFs….

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