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NBC Cancels “Community,” Let The Mourning Begin… [VIDEOS]



Sad news today for fans of great comedy. NBC has cancelled Community, meaning that its current fifth season will be its last. It had a good run, and hit that magic number of five seasons, meaning it can run in syndication for years to come. With no new episodes on the horizon, however, those of us who had grown quite fond of the Greendale Community College crew are in mourning this weekend.

Like so many great subversive comedy series before it, from Arrested Development to Get a Life and Freaks and Geeks, the show teetered on the brink of cancellation for its entire run. Even Dan Harmon’s return to the series wasn’t enough to stop the bleeding, and with fans writing the show’s obituary for months now, they can finally sit smugly with their arms folded and say, “I told you so.”

Despite all the haters, who are gonna hate no matter what you do, there are so many things we’re going to miss about this show…


No more Alison Brie Community GIFs, no more epic Abed freak-outs, no more Mike Ehrmantraut AGAIN! While it’s tempting to spend the next few days in mourning, why not enjoy some the best moments from this show that was honestly just too great to last…

Abed freaks out about Nicolas Cage 

Abed & Troy’s Kickpuncher fan film

The entire Modern Warfare episode

The brilliant Doctor Who parody Inspector Spacetime

Pierce plays Dungeons & Dragons

Abed is… Batman

The G.I. Joe Episode

Yeah, we could do this all day. Tell us about some of your favorite episodes in the comments section below…

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