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New “X-Men” Footage: Quicksilver Gives A Super Wedgie [VIDEO]


Here’s a new clip from X-Men: Days of Future Past–and it’s probably a good idea for the movie to focus on Evan Peters as the super-speedy mutant known as Quicksilver, since Captain America: The Winter Soldier currently has a post-credits scene featuring Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the same role. That’s because The Avengers and X-Men franchises can both stake a legal claim to the character of Quicksilver, even though they’re owned by two different film studios. This might get confusing.

Anyway, this clip is a lot less embarrassing than that Carl’s Jr.’s commercial where the X-Men‘s Quicksilver battled bacon. This footage does a much better job of setting up Quicksilver as kind of ┬ájerk–which we all would probably be if we had to be super-patient while putting up with super-slow people. Check it out and be glad that you’re not going to have to wait a year to see the latest in super-speed technology. Now we’re wondering how the upcoming Flash television series will handle the challenge…

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