“LeBron” App Is Samsung’s Newest Addition To Exclusive Mobile Content


Samsung is no rookie when it comes to producing exclusive content for their mobile users (Jay-Z’s Magna Carta comes to mind) and their newest app “LeBron” gives people an inside look at the NBA’s most dominant* player. I know a lot of you probably don’t like him but keep in mind that for all the haters, there are people who love him–they’re also going to love this app.

The “LeBron” breaks into four different sections:

  • Athlete – Here you’ll find social updates from Lebron regarding his preparation for gamedays, his workouts, shoot arounds, and highlights from the game.
  • NBA Playoffs – Here you’ll find career stats, game stats, and live updates to the game. You’ll need to download NBA Gametime to access the deeper parts of this feature
  • Style – Here you’ll find photo updates and videos that feature LeBron’s shoes, food and clothing choices. Luckily no photos of his toes.
  • Journey – Here you’ll find photos and updates related to LeBron’s family and charity work.

I have to admit that I was actually pretty impressed with what I’ve seen from the app. Samsung has been working with King James for a few years now and it seems like the app is a great opportunity to give Samsung users a unique experience. Personally I’d like seeing his training regimen/shootaround footage a lot more if he actually ever wore a shit, but that’s just how the King gets down I guess.

Either way, if you’re a Samsung user and a fan of the NBA, you’d be smart to download the free app just to see what it offers. Especially before they go to the NBA Finals.

*Love him or “hate” him, Lebron is without a doubt the most dominant player.

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