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We Finally Have A Store Dedicated to Drinking Games


beer pong

Preparing for a night of competitive drinking can be a real hassle. There isn’t a place that offers a wide variety of professional, slick looking games besides old staples like Beer Pong. If you don’t have the money for a full set or want to play something else, you have to buy a bunch of materials like cups, funnels and plastic tubing and pretend that you’re doing something else like conducting a chemistry experiment. Now we have a single story where you can get everything you need for a night of reckless drinking with ridiculous rules.

Chug-N-Play recently opened its virtual doors on the web as the only online store we know of that’s dedicated to offering everything you need to a rousing, beer chugging drinking game in one place. The place doesn’t just offer regulation size Beer Pong tables and ping pong balls to give you an excuse to drink beyond your usual limits. They also offer other toss and throw games designed for drinking game rules like Corn Hole, Horseshoes and Ladder Golf. You can also buy pre-made outdoor games like an extra large version of Jenga known for legal reasons as a “tumble tower,” Washer Toss, and Kan-Jam, a new version of horseshoes but with specially made cans and frisbees.

If you’re just into drinking, the shop also offers special drinking accessories such as beer koozies, helmets and portable bars for your next outdoor party or last minute backyard kegger. They even offer free, downloadable drinking games and instructions for drunken dice, checkers and Battleship. You’ll be bombed in no time (sorry for the pun, we couldn’t resist).

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