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Paula Patton Poses In Proud Underboob For Vanity Fair [39 PICS]


If a publication like Vanity Fair really cared about being internet bait, their June issue article on Paula Patton would be called “One Weird Trick To Make Robin Thick Want To Kill Himself”–because the magazine has his estranged wife looking like a real sex bomb, and just as the wannabe former Mrs. Thicke is considering divorce. Paula Patton is doing the right thing, too. We’ve certainly only expressed revulsion at how Robin Thicke was caught on video with beauties like Emily Ratajkowski and Elle Evans while a beauty like Paula Patton was being left alone at home.

We’ve been less upset over rumors that Paula Patton is ditching Robin Thicke over a complicated menage a trois with a masseuse. We’re not going to judge Paula Patton’s personal life in any way. Strangely enough, Vanity Fair doesn’t ask about that kind of thing in their interview, and seem to mostly care about Paula’s upcoming role in the Warcraft movie.

Which we care about, too, and especially because Paula says that the movie that she’s currently shooting has a script that “reads more like a complex, epic novel.” Paula also adds that she’s “never been big into video games,” but we’re pretty sure that’s just because she’s never been with the right kind of guy. We bet that Robin Thicke was always running off to parties instead of thoughtfully staying home to play video games for hours. You know, that’s what we do on a Saturday night. We do it all night long. We’re going to go write a little letter to tell Paula all about that, while you can check out these other plentiful Paula Patton pics–since we’re not the jealous type…

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