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Johnny Manziel Says Teams “Will Regret” Passing On Him In NFL Draft


Johnny Manziel Draft

Johnny Manziel is making it clear that he has a chip on his shoulder going into the NFL. On Wednesday, Manziel said that any team that passes on him in the draft will regret it and is bothered by people thinking that he is just a “backyard-football quarterback.” There’s a lot to prove for Manziel–and that all begins on Thursday night with the NFL Draft. (Which is nice and all, but we still want to note that Johnny is missing out on our big birthday bash for his old girlfriend–and Miss COED–Lauren Hanley.)

There haven’t been many people coming into the league in recent years that have the buzz that Manziel does. The bigger question will be when Manziel actually gets drafted. Some mock drafts have him as high as No. 4, while some don’t have him picked at all in the first round. The team that does get him, though, will be getting someone that will have the fan base ready to roll when the 2014 season begins.

Manziel wants to get better and is tired of the questions. Maybe things will get better after the draft is over with and he can go get ready with his new team. The rest of the NFL, however, should be very concerned if Manziel holds up his end of the deal .

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