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Naughty Nurse Candice Swanepoel (& Allesandro Ambrosio) Love IT [PICS]


It’s another great day when we don’t have to be sarcastic in praising marketing geniuses–in this case, with our saluting the ad folks of Mexico’s impressive KIO Network Services, as they bring in Candice Swanepoel and Alesandra Ambrosio to show off their wares. Yes, there’s nothing brilliant about realizing that Internet Technology sets you up for hot babes to declare that they “love IT” and “want IT fast.” Bringing in some Victoria’s Secret models is always smart, though.

And, yes, we know that some of the ads below are already being bandied about by fans of┬áCandice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio –but you’ll also want to check out the sales materials that got Candice striking a pole. There’s a keyhole graphic that we’re pretty sure will thrill certain guys. Not that we know too much about that, but neither will we judge. Except to say that KIO Networks must be one fine company, and they’d have our business if we were based in Mexico–and you won’t even need to translate some of these ads, since hot models are a universal language…

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