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Miley Cyrus Back On Tour & Licks London Hard [PHOTOS]


Our long national nightmare is over as Miley Cyrus gets out of her hospital bed and gets back on the road–although, sadly, this road ended up leading to an airport as Miley took her Bangerz Tour over to London for a big comeback. It seems that being hospitalized didn’t keep Miley down, either. She hit London hard for her first show at London’s O2 arena. Judging from the Twitterings of those in attendance, Miley wasn’t interested in being prim and proper, either….

Miley Cyrus Concert Tweet

We’re also very happy to report that Miley is still touring with Amazon Ashley, which is pretty much a major fulfillment of about 17 sexual fetishes every time that the pop diva buries her head in her backup dancer’s cleavage. Or at least that’s what we’ve been told by certain people who’ve been watching every episode of Masters of Sex on Showtime. That’s about all that we have to say about that.

We are saddened to report, however, that Miley didn’t get a new jumpsuit with English pound notes instead of American dollars. We were really hoping for that she’d have one of those with the Queen Mother sticking out her tongue. That would’ve been really punk rock. But maybe that’s not  a realistic expectation. It’s enough to know that the Big Tongue Slide is also back–and, um, Miley’s unfortunate habit of occasionally rockin’ a hoodie that reminds us that she can look like Justin Bieber if she isn’t careful.

Now we’re looking forward to plenty more bangin’ Bangerz antics on tour. We’d be even more excited if Miley’s alleged girlfriend and old opening act Sky Ferreira was also along for the ride–but these pics should help us get over that…

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