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America Olivo on “Chicago P.D.” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

America Olivo on Chicago P.D.

(10:00 PM EST, NBC)

It looks like the Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire franchise is turning things around for NBC–and those shows have turned the heads of your humble See Her Tonight column with actresses like Sophia Bush, Teri Reeves, Mena Suvari, Lauren German, and Shiri Appleby. There’s also been the amazing added bonus of the occasional guest turn by America Olivo, who shows up tonight in what deserves to count as a May Sweeps special appearance.

We’re not sure why America Olivo isn’t a bigger deal, since she’s sure one of the more daring actresses out there. There was a time when her title role in 2009’s Neighbor would’ve turned America into an instant cult star. Instead, a lot of guys don’t even know about her turn as a sexy serial killer who commits one of the cringing crimes to hit the screen since 1978’s I Spit On Your Grave. At least Amanda also hit the multiplexes in 2009, courtesy of the Friday the 13th remake and Transformers: Return of the Fallen.

That same year also saw the release of Bitch Slap, which was a lot of fun as a low-budget spin on the splashy femme fatales of Sucker Punch. America was pretty amazing in that–and kudos to keener-eyed guys who’d already picked up on America as one of the sexy gals of How I Met Your Mother, or caught her heading for a threesome with Robert Downey, Jr. in the first Iron Man movie.

Despite her exotic looks, America is a genuine California girl, although her mom is a former Miss Canada. We’re pretty sure there’s a connection there to explain how her sister-in-law is Neve Campbell. We’ve kept connecting with America’s amazing turn in the underseen 2012 remake of the genre classic Maniac, and we’re hoping that Chicago P.D. will keep this gal in our living rooms. Check out these pics that’ll get you just as eager to salute the America we love..

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