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The Golden State Warriors Just Fired Coach Mark Jackson


mark jackson

The NBA is doing some spring cleaning with their coaching staffs. The Golden State Warriors became the latest team to kick their head coach to the curb after they just fired Mark Jackson after just three seasons.

The Warriors made their official announcement earlier this afternoon on their Twitter page. The decision wasn’t entirely a surprise since fans and players alike are familiar with Jackson’s tough managerial style that often clashed with the team’s management. However, he was able to bring some actual wins to the Warriors’ scorecard and show a significant turnaround for the team’s chances at becoming a competitive contender in just three seasons. So it sounds like the decision came down to how much the managers were willing to put up with Jackson’s shenanigans in order to continue their winning streak. Either the managers have a really short fuse or Jackson could throw some Charlie Sheen-grade tantrums because in the end, they decided to fire Jackson.

Of course, we usually see lackluster coaches and players getting the axe around this time of year as teams are eliminated from contention as we draw closer to the Finals. However, the NBA is picking off coaches and their helpers as if they are horny teens at a summer camp being chopped down by a machete wielding Jason Voorhees. Last month, the Warriors fired Jackson’s assistant coach Darren Erman for secretly recording conversations between members of the team. The LA Lakers’ Mike D’Antoni saw that the sand in his hourglass had run out with the team’s management after running one of the team’s all-time worst seasons and decided to step down before they had a chance to fire him. The New York Knicks fired their entire coaching staff because, well, they’re the New York Knicks.

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