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Surprise! Survey Says Most College Grads Don’t Like the Real World


Graduation may be a rite of passage and a proud moment–but it can also be a sad occasion, because it means you have to leave college and go into the real world. A new survey found that most grads aren’t a big fan of the world that they prepared to enter during their four or more years of college.

The survey conducted by Gallup and Purdue University found that only 39 percent of those who participated felt “intellectually and emotionally connected in their workplace” and only 11 percent had “high levels of personal well-being” after leaving school. In fact, the study as a whole paints a picture of a giant pile of sadness for graduates in general. The survey found that those who came from for-profit schools or schools with a student population of 10,000 or less are “less likely to be engaged and thriving.” It also found that the younger the graduate is and the more they owe towards their student loans, the more likely they are to be unhappy once they leave college and start pursuing their careers.

Should we really be so shocked by the results? They just left a magical world of keg parties and sexually curious student bodies for a life of debt and responsibility! It’s like moving from Candy Land to some warn torn region in the Middle East. We could have saved Purdue the thousands of dollars that the survey must of cost them and just told them that pretty much every graduate they would talk to would end their survey by asking if they could come back for another four years, even if they have to take out another student loan.

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