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Met Gala 2014: The Breast(s) of the Red Carpet [45 PHOTOS]


Last night was the Met Gala 2014–that being a spectacular event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, where socialites mingle with pop-culture personalities who get to enjoy a very elegant setting. That includes a lot of glamour, of course. Sadly, that also reminds us that a lot of our favorite personalities think that glamour is the same as being kind of prim. That included a few COED favorites like Amber Heard last night.

The great news is that a lot of ladies were still ready to bare some skin in the name of supporting the arts. Check out this gallery for Cara Delevigne, Blake Lively, and more showing off their spectacular bods for the red carpet. There are a few surprises in here, too, like Katie Holmes deciding to remind us why so many of us had a crush on her several years ago.

And we’re very happy to report that Kate Upton knows how to mix old-fashioned style with a bountiful cleavage. Take a look for yourself at some of the greatest works of art to ever grace the Met….

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