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Girls of Cinco De Mayo: 66 Sexy Cultural Appropriations [PHOTOS]


Yes, we’ve been assured that it’s bad to celebrate Cinco De Mayo because it’s all about cultural appropriation and the exploitation of groups of people and cultures for the sake of a business opportunity. But we’ve also noticed that we have a pretty big mix of hot babes of different ethnicities posting great pics of themselves celebrating Cinco De Mayo–so maybe not every girl of every race got the memo. That’s something to celebrate right there. We also love to roundup all of these partying gals as a great display of diversity. We have some traditionally hot babes here, and lots of college cuties, and some offbeat beauties who we would’ve really liked to have run into during our own Cinco De Mayo’ing last night. 

You’ll even find some lovely Latinas here, and that’s what we love about this big fake drinking holiday. It brings people together–and the food is a lot better than you get on St. Patrick’s Day. So celebrate one more day of Cinco De Mayo as we check out the awesome aftermath, and start getting ready to enjoy a guilt-free holiday next year, too…

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