Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Do Cancun: Day 1 [PHOTOS]

Don’t tell the sexy Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders that the NFL is still in their off-season, because “America’s Cheerleaders” are in the middle of shooting for their 2015 calendar down in Cancun, Mexico. The lovely ladies just wrapped up Day 1 of their trip and we’ve already started setting aside our lunch money to pre-order the calendar. That’s how hot these photos are.

After such a fantastic start to their trip, we’ll make sure to keep you updated on everything that these lovely ladies get up to.

If you’d like to see your girlfriend or wife in the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar one day, make sure to let her know that Cowboys Cheerleaders Auditions begin May 10th.

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Cheerleaders of the 2014 NCAA Championship [PHOTOS]
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