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Rebecca Grant Wins Clippers/Warriors NBA Playoff Game [VIDEO + PICS]


Some people are talking about Rebecca Grant trying to do some self-promotion at this weekend’s NBA playoff game against the Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors–but Rebecca Grant has always been a star to us. Yes, it’s nice that the camera caught Rebecca Grant in the stands just as she was adjusting her hair and maybe her breasts. But a gal like Rebecca can’t help but seem like she’s working a look. Rebecca Grant is the look. It looks like this….

And yet there are still mews outlets acting like this is some new way for sports fans to discover Rebecca–who’s already covered basketball, football and more for ESPN and Fox Sports, and spent three years hosting Under The Helmet for the NFL, and has a Twitter feed that’s packed full of great sports insight. And, in the case of this weekend, packed full of Rebecca enjoying all of her new admirers who caught her on camera.

Well, get used to Rebecca. She stood out amongst a stacked cast in 2012’s Sorority House Massacre, and Rebecca is staying busy as an actress while also still covering sports–at least, when the sports world isn’t covering Rebecca Grant. Take a look at these pics, and get an idea of why Rebecca is already used to the attention. And check out Rebecca’s site to see what scene she’s going to steal next…

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