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Raquel Pomplun on “Friends With Better Lives” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Raquel Pomplun on Friends With Better Lives

(8:30 PM EST, CBS)

On tonight’s episode of Friends With Better Lives, a character is upset that her doctor husband has some Playboy models as his patients–which is kind of insane, since these friends are already palling around with Brooklyn Decker, so if the doctor can control himself around her, then Playboy models shouldn’t be a problem. The real drama here, of course, is that now your See Her Tonight column can get all dramatic over Raquel Pomplun popping up on the show as one of those Playboy models in question.

This should also be a big moment for Raquel Pomplun, who’s been keeping kind of a low profile for the 2013 Playmate of the Year. That’s partly because Raquel has plenty of talent, and hasn’t jumped right into being a professional beauty. Instead, she’s been putting time into her work doing commentary (in her role as “Rockin’ Raquel”) on MMA fights for BlackBelt TV. She’s also staying busy as a member of the Playboy Dancers, so that’s kind of like being an ambassador.

Raquel is starting to show up on plenty more screens, though. She’s in our living rooms tonight, but Raquel is also set to show up in the multiplexes for the upcoming remake of The Gambler–which is a remake of a great drama from 1974, but that one doesn’t have Raquel Pomplun as a stripper. And let’s hope that this is a trend for Friends With Better Lives, because we haven’t written up a Playboy model since Kendra Wilkinson showed up on Celebrity Wife Swap. And that was a reminder that Kendra is married, so let’s cheer ourselves up with pics of single gal Raquel…

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