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Lea Michele Brings The Sideboob To Her Kiddie Movie Premiere [20 PICS]


Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return looks like the worst kind of crap that kids ever had to suffer through during a bad stint in day care–but the movie still had a big Hollywood premiere with Lea Michele busting out in a big way. The Glee star plays the voice of Dorothy Gale in the latest attempt to leech on the public-domain Wizard of Oz bandwagon. Lea sure treated the movie’s premiere like she was a true starlet, though. Maybe she was just celebrating Naya Rivera‘s departure from Glee, although that would make Lea look more like the Wicked Witch of the West.

The good news about Legends of Oz is that Lea decided to flaunt some legendary sideboob at the premiere, and we like to think that she shook up a few bored older boys who’d been dragged out to try and make the film look cool. Lea sure seems determined to show off plenty of her fine bod–as recently demonstrated in a sexy shoot for V magazine. We know that Lea Michele is really fond of plunging necklines, and these pics will get you ready to plunge into the starlet’s talents. Except not in Legends of Oz, because it’s about Dorothy’s Return as an animated character, just like in 1974’s lousy Journey Back to Oz.

The Oz sequel you really want to see is 1985’s supremely creepy Return to Oz, with Fairuza Balk as…well, we’ll talk about that later. The important thing is that we have pics that we’re pretty sure are going to be the creative peak for Legends of Oz, courtesy of Lea sporting some mighty fine twin peaks…

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