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Here’s The Post-Credits X-Men Footage From “Spider-Man 2” [VIDEO]


Did you have the patience to sit through the credits of Amazing Spider-Man 2 to get to the promised post-credits footage of the X-Men? Well, as we warned you, it’s not any kind of Spider-Man/X-Men crossover. It’s more like a commercial for X-Men: Days of Future Past that’s kind of crammed into Amazing Spider-Man 2. But it does give us more of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, and that’s a big deal in the wake of her big win as FHM magazine’s Sexiest Woman In The World

Yeah, it seems that you don’t want to mess with Jennifer Lawrence in any of her film franchises. We’re also getting a good look at a few new mutants here, including Plague. Well, we’re pretty sure that’s Plague making the soldiers get sick. What, you haven’t watched the footage yet? Well, give it a look, and don’t get too pissed that it’s nothing that you won’t see later on in X-Men: Days of Future Past. It was smart for Sony to try to cash in, since Spider-Man 2 brought in a lot of eyeballs for that  $92 million opening weekend.

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