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Hannah Davis: 33 Hot Pics For Hannah’s 24th Birthday [PHOTOS]


Hannah Davis is turning 24 years old today–that being May 5, 2014–as one of Sports Illustrated hottest models, and one of Victoria’s Secret’s hottest models, and you might have also noticed from your morning tequila that today is Cinco de Mayo, so that’s kind of a perfect storm for Hannah being the perfect lady for the big day. It gets better, too, because Hannah Davis was born and raised on the Virgin Islands (which reminds us of an old joke about why hurricanes weren’t named after men), and Hannah basically grew up on the beach while reaching her statuesque beauty of 5’10”, so you can really say that she didn’t choose the bikini life, the bikini life chose her.

You can see that we’re a little excited about all this. Let’s also note that while Hannah Davis has been a WAG to Derek Jeter, she’s also the rare model who’s been a sports champion in her own right, thanks to her spending as much time on the tennis court as on the beach back in her early days. Also, Hannah got to be the rare WAG whose boyfriend broke up with her (just earlier this year) because he didn’t like her getting all the attention.

We’re pretty sure that our ego could survive having Hannah Davis as our girlfriend. In fact, that’s exactly what we were thinking while preparing these 33 thrilling pics of Hannah Davis–which include some Sports Illustrated pics that she’s shared, but we left out some of her sexiest “Jersey Strong” pics and her amazing recent GQ shoot. We did include a still from her catfight video with Chrissy Teigen and Tori Praver, because that was a very special moment for us. Now let’s celebrate Hannah’s very special day with her spectacular bod…

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