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Anastasia Ashley Cliff Dives & Shows Off Her Fine Form [VIDEO + PICS]


We’re beginning to think that angelic surfer girl Anastasia Ashley isn’t ever going to release an actual Carl’s Jr.’s television commercial to go with her recent hot poses for the very hot hamburger chain. That’s a little heartbreaking, but Anastasia¬†might be making up for that by releasing these fine new video of herself diving from a cliff and then frolicking in the waves. As it turns out, Anastasia Ashley doesn’t even need a surfboard to rule the ocean waves better than Aquaman…

We had to watch that a few dozen times before realizing that Anastasia isn’t even rocking a bikini here, and we weren’t even disappointed. We don’t like to look our hot surfer babes in the mouth around here (for lack of a better term). The important thing is that we’re getting a new dose of Anastasia in motion, and she’s an aquatic fantasy girl. But if you really need to see her in a bikini–well, she’s got that (un)covered, too…

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