SNL Highlight: One Man Against Beyonce and “The Beygency” [VIDEO]

What does it mean that video of the fake trailer for The Beygency–that being the clear highlight of last night’s Saturday Night Live–has already been taken private on SNL’s own Youtube account? We’re thinking that it means SNL got scared and decided to wait for Jay Z’s approval. [UPDATE: Jay Z approves!] Fortunately, fans are doing their best to keep The Beygency on the air. That’s probably mostly due to two really great cameos in this tale of a man who learns what happens to people who aren’t huge BeyoncĂ© fans.

We won’t ruin the cameos if you’re still catching up The Beygency. It’s probably the best reason this short film has serious buzz in the aftermath of Andrew Garfield’s hosting. It’s a lot of fun, though, and easily the best part of an SNL that mostly showcased how the poor show just has to try and catch up with the internet by the end of the week. The only problem with the The Beygency is that it had to be packaged as a trailer parody instead of a short film. That doesn’t really make any sense, but they have pretty strict rules for comedy at SNL. Surprises are rare, so enjoy this one.

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