Sharon Taylor on “Once Upon A Time” [See Her Tonight]

See Her Tonight

Sharon Taylor on Once Upon A Time

(8:00 PM EST, ABC)

Your humble See Her Tonight column has talked before about how competitive things get on Sunday nights for eyeballs on television shows–but Once Upon A Time is making a pretty dramatic bid by bringing in Wizard of Oz characters as part of their fantastic fairytale world. That includes Dorothy Gale showing up on tonight’s episode. We kind of like bad girls, though, and we’re having very good wicked thoughts about Sharon Taylor showing up as a Witch of the East.

It’s no secret that we like the kind of gals who can do their own stunts, and Sharon Taylor is up there with London Elise Moore, Diane Yang, and Monique Ganderton as rough-and-tumble ladies who can really work out an action sequence. Sharon was already able to kick ass as a kickboxer when she signed on to the fantasy series Stargate: Atlantis as a fantastic warrior women.

Veteran readers of this column can also guess that means Sharon is a proud Canadian–so she’s also shown up in lots of other fine genre shows filming in the Great White North. That includes Supernatural, of course, and Sharon also showed up on Continuum along the likes of  Lexa Doig and Magda Apanowicz. Guys might have also gotten their first glimpse at Sharon courtesy of her regular series on the old Smallville series as a man-killing Kryptonian criminal.

We don’t know if we should expect a witchy martial arts expert on Once Upon A Time tonight, but we know that you can expect us to be tuning in to see what’s happening. Now check out some of Sharon’s fabulous photos to start feeling a little enchanted yourself…

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