Grace Phipps: 22 Sexy Pics For The Teen Dream's 22nd Birthday [PHOTOS]

Yes, it’s a little hard to believe that Grace Phipps is 22 years old today–that being May 4th, 2014–considering that she sure fit right into the cast of last year’s Teen Beach Movie on the Disney Channel. She also fit very nicely into that film’s Disney-appropriate early-1960s bikini. That’s the kind of thing that might keep us from appreciating that Grace Phipps is all grown up.
That’s especially true in the wake of her very memorable story arc on The Vampire Diaries, where her character seemed sweetly awkward before becoming a beauty queen that was good enough to eat. In fact, Grace has kind of been stealthy as a sex bomb over the years. She sure got our attention as a sultry wannabe bad girl on ABC Family’s heavily-hyped (and quickly canceled) The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Sadly, Chloe also caught the attention of Disney, and she’s been fairly chaste in the wake of Teen Beach Movie.
At least she got to¬†show up on Supernatural as a fallen angel–but we would’ve made her a little more fallen, if you know what we mean. The good news is that Grace still can’t help looking sexy for the camera. Now we’re celebrating her 22nd birthday with 22 fabulous photos that’ll leave you eager to see Grace get even more grown up…

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