A Dozen Sexy Darth Vaders For "Star Wars" Day [PHOTOS]

May 4th is Star Wars Day because “May the Fourth be with you” is what a Jedi would say if he’d temporarily lost a front tooth. Even though Star Wars actually opened on May 25th, 1977, and we could wait a little longer to have a proper Star Wars Day, but May 4th is a fun geeky pun, and you might have noticed that Star Wars has some kind of a geek connection.
But geeks are kind of sexy now, right? We sure noticed when we celebrate May the 4th a little early with 77 Sexy Star Wars Girls Causing A Disturbance In Your Pants The Force. But some of us noticed that we had 77 sexy Star Wars girls, but only two (count ’em, two) sexy Darth Vaders. We’re not looking 77 Sexy Star Wars Girls in the mouth, so to speak, but we think there’s something a little wrong with not celebrating more of the feminine side of Darth Vader.
Call it a fetish, or just an appreciation for geek girls who appreciate a challenge in their sexy cosplay. A lot of girls, of course, go with Boba Fett as that challenge, and we understand that guys probably get more of a kick out of that intergalactic bounty hunter.¬†There’s still something great about a femme Darth Vader, and now we have a dozen Darths who are welcome to invade our personal space¬†anytime…

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