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Woman Who Won The Week: Lucy Pinder [41 PHOTOS]


Greater honor hath no woman than to granted the final cover of the farewell issue of the notorious British babes magazine Nuts–unless you’re Lucy Pinder, in which case you can also claim the new top slot in COED’s ranking of the 50 Most Popular English Glamour Models on the Web. That’s a pretty solid claim to being the Woman Who Won the Week. And don’t go on about Jennifer Lawrence officially becoming the Sexiest Woman in the World via FHM magazine. We’ve already celebrated FHM’s entire Top Ten Sexiest Women in the World, and will be talking more about Jennifer later today.

For now, let’s appreciate how Lucy Pinder is outlasting Nuts as an older kind of pin-up girl. She turned 30 years old at the end of last year, but still ranks as a curvy favorite alongside beautiful Brits like Helen Flanagan, Kelly Brook, Imogen Thomas, and Lacey Banghard. Guys are also going to miss Lucy Pinder’s work as an agony aunt–which is what the Brits call women who write advice columns, and Lucy gave pretty great advice. We still can’t understand why she got voted out of the UK Celebrity Big Brother house so quickly when she stopped by that show, but that’s usually the case when the house hosts UK glamour models. Maybe the viewers just can’t trust the guys to control themselves.

Oh, well, Lucy wasn’t happy in the house, anyway, and her dedicated fans might have thought they were doing her a favor. We know that Lucy has enough fans that she’ll keep thriving in a post-Nuts world. Now here are some plentiful pics to keep you thriving, too…

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