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90 Reasons To Celebrate Christina Hendricks’ Birthday [45 PICS]


Christina Hendricks turns 39 years old today, and things are going pretty great for her. Yes, it looks like the Mad Men writers have kind of forgotten what to do with her character, and Christina’s┬árecent God’s Pocket was one of the Sundance Festival’s most-hated movies, but she’s still holding up as one of basic-cable’s biggest sex bombs. We’re particularly happy to see that Christina has kept her curvy figure. Other actresses might have tried to slim down to fit our evil patriarchal society’s false standards of beauty. Christina bravely insists on showing off her curves, and we think there’s a direct connection to her popularity and the rise of Kate Upton, so God bless feminism.

Also, may God bless whoever decided to pair Christina Hendricks with Allison Janney in an upcoming serious drama called A Book of Common Prayer, because that answers our prayers of putting together two of our favorite offbeat sex symbols. We were praying for a different kind of movie, though. More like a tape, really. A homemade one. Preferably from our home.

Anyway, it looks like Christina is still getting attention as a serious actress, and that’s great news as Mad Men starts to wrap up the series. Now check out these serious pics of Christina wrapping up her other attractive assets, and ponder how she’s probably going to look just as good at 40 years old…

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