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These 77 Sexy Star Wars Fans Are Causing A Disturbance In The Force



For those of you not in the know, the official Star Wars Day is May 4th is right around the corner. Why May 4th? Because May 4th sounds a whole lot like “May the force…”

While there are lots of ways you can celebrate the holiday (plugging in Star Wars Battlefront 2, watching Episodes IV-VI hungover, destroying every copy of Episodes I-III in sight) you should know that a lot of women are going to be joining you. That’s kind of what’s so great about Star Wars–women are totally down with The Force. Look no further than one of our 10 Questions we ask Miss COEDs. “Star Wars or Star Trek?

7/10 times, the answer is Star Wars. Sure, the other 2/10 times is “neither, I’m a chick” but you’re missing the point. The series is universal. That’s why it’s so easy to find photos of hot women dressed as characters from Star Wars. Here are our 77 favorites who will be celebrating Star Wars day “like a Bossk.”

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