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Izabel Goulart Goes Topless In Miami [79 PHOTOS]


Izabel Goulart has had a very busy week in Miami, as she’s been modeling for–well, it looks like a company that sells one-piece bathing suits. And that one piece does not include a top, so we just want to say that the company  hired the right woman for the job. Izabel Goulart, in fact, seems to be the most gifted gal ever at strategically covering her curves while waiting to pose for a topless shot.

We’re thinking that Izabel probably has a set of sheets at home that are strategically cut so that her breasts are covered while she’s in bed enjoying some post-coital bliss–you know, like in all the television shows that we’ve seen. Not that we’ve only seen post-coital bliss on television shows. Give us some credit.

Also, let’s take a moment to invoke the old cliché about how certain people on photo shoots have the best job in the world. Check out this amazing pic of Izabel in an actual bikini with a top, and see how long it takes to work up a nice lesbian fantasy about the female stylist helping out Izabel with the shot….

And, of course, all of this get us itching for more Izabel. We might be seeing more of these behind-the-scenes pics via our weekly look at Victoria’s Secret models on Instagram, but let’s not try our patience. Here are more incredible Izabel pics right here that’ll fuel even more of your imagination….

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