Courtney Stodden Has A (Really Cute) Girlfriend Now [20 PICS]

Okay, who had May 1st, 2014 in the pool for when Courtney Stodden would become a lesbian? Come on down as our big winner, since some fairly hot pics have emerged of Courtney getting very personal with another gal. Of course, we’d be checking out these pics if it was just Courtney Stoddard tanning by herself. The built babe really doesn’t have to work to get our attention.

But that’s not enough to keep the paparazzi peeping after a few years–which is probably why Courtney Stodden is suddenly frolicking at poolside while committing some very public displays of affection. We’re not complaining. It might be predictable, given Courtney’s long commitment to become famous via reality television. We’re still going to indulge ourselves in thinking that we’re enjoying some legit lesbian love here.

For one thing, Courtney’s new girlfriend sure doesn’t look like a gal just going for girl/girl attention. Courtney could’ve just grabbed some kind of fellow bombshell for that kind  of thing. Instead, Courtney’s femme friend is working a realistic soft-butch look to her fine frame. That frame, incidentally, lacks any of Courtney’s more curvier attributes. This brunette babe looks like any gal-loving gal who’d be feeling pretty lucky to fall in with a pneumatic blonde like Courtney.

We’re sure looking forward to seeing more of these two–hopefully in closer detail, if only so that we can read the tattoos that we’re presuming Courtney has seen in vivid detail. For now, though, we’ll just let these pics inspire some vivid fantasies….

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