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Sophia Bush Rocks Sideboob With Fallon: Her Sexiest Screen Shots [PICS]


Sophia Bush is a feminist role model today, thanks to an appearance on The Tonight Show where she informed host Jimmy Fallon that she’s never going to be a “rail-thin runway model.” Sophia Bush is also a hero to plenty of guys who watched her last night while she was baring plenty of sideboob to remind us that Sophia Bush isn’t anything like a rail-thin runway model. Not that we have anything against thin runway models, but Sophia Bush was looking like this….

Sophia Bush hasn’t let her own fine form keep her from modeling for magazines like Maxim, and we’ve sure celebrated plenty of her sexiest pics. But seeing Sophia last night also reminded us that we’ve seen plenty of great displays from the actress over the year on the screen, too–both small and big, courtesy of her younger days on One Tree Hill and appearances in movies like The Hitcher and (the eternally underrated) John Tucker Must Die.

Now we’re celebrating Sophia’s fine feminist ways with our own salute to her most daring roles. Check out Sophia Bush’s sexiest screen shots right here, and see if a Chicago Fire doesn’t start in your shorts. (Sophia’s on a show called Chicago Fire. Get it?)…

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