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Kate Upton Cooks In Cook Island Sports Illustrated Film [VIDEO + PICS]


Sports Illustrated‘s legendary SwimDaily site has put up new footage of Kate Upton from this year’s amazing Swimsuit Issue–and that’s great news for us, because it seems like just yesterday that we were thrilled just to have Kate Upton back modeling on the streets of New York. (Hey, it was yesterday!) Kate is currently basking in the box-office success of The Other Woman, of course, and we were getting a little nervous that Kate might be done basking in the sun while sporting a bikini.

We feel much better now that Sports Illustrated has posted this great video that shows us how much fun Kate has on a shoot. We’re thinking that she’ll stay in the fashion biz for a while. In fact, the only people who can look happier than Kate during this shoot are the guys who are watching the video. Which means us–and, of course, when we watch a Kate Upton video, we’re analyzing every frame like we’re the CSI team looking for a clue. In this case, we’ve collected our favorite stills to solve the crime of The Hot Bikini Footage That Moves Too Damn Fast.

You still need to watch the footage to appreciate all of the Sports Illustrated action–including a thrilling finish that’s better than what you’ll get in Amazing Spider-Man 2. [UPDATE: Hey, we’ve added that big finish in a Vine video below!] So settle in for plenty of time on the beach with Kate Upton, and remember that we’re always getting closer to the 2015 Swimsuit Issue…

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