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Caitlin Stasey on “Reign” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Caitlin Stasey on Reign

(9:00 PM EST, The CW)

So your See Her Tonight column took a break to write about the big-screen undead cheerleader flick All Cheerleaders Die yesterday, which reminded us that star Caitlin Stasey is still a regular on Reign, which reminded us that today is Caitlin Stasey’s birthday, which inspired us to give ourselves the present of a new and improved Caitlin Stasey photo gallery. Which we have done as part of our special Caitlin Stasey Birthday Celebrations, which will also include checking out the awesome Aussie tonight on Reign. Where she is still a regular.

That’s still kind of hard for us to believe. Caitlin is a big deal in her homeland as the star of Tomorrow, When The War Began which was like a cross between Red Dawn and The Hunger Games. We really expected Caitlin to be some kind of Reign character who’d briefly be featured and then surprisingly killed off because beautiful Australian gals were plentiful back in medieval times. We were even more suspicious when Caitlin’s supporting character stirred up lots of early Reign publicity with a masturbation scene in the opening episode.

And yet we still get to enjoy Caitlin on a regular Reign basis–in addition to the occasional guest stars like Katie Boland and Kathryn Prescott. Caitlin also was easily one of the best things in the recent bomb I, Frankenstein, where she didn’t even need to be beautiful to steal scenes. We’re really happy with All Cheerleaders Die, but even happier to be celebrating Caitlin’s birthday with the lady herself in our living rooms. And there’s no ambiguity about her being a May Day beauty, which is great. We’re still debating the actual birthdate of Lacey Banghard….

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