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6 Celebs That Lindsay Lohan Could’ve Mistaken In Bed For James Franco



Lindsay Lohan has slept with her fair share of Hollywood dudes but James Franco is not one of them–according to him, at least.

While speaking to Howard Stern, Franco insisted that he had never slept with the perpetually troubled Lohan. That’s despite his name appearing on Lindsay Lohan’s List of Guys That She’d…Um, Been With. “I will swear on anything that you ask,” declared Franco, ” that I have never had sex with Lindsay Lohan!”

“Delusional?” Stern said back, “Or doesn’t remember,” Franco cheekily replied. According to Franco, they did “make out” at one point a long time ago. In this instance, we’re definitely more prone to believe Franco. This guy admitted on national television that he was trying to sleep with a 17-year -old girl. He’d probably be fine admitting that he slept with Lindsay Lohan…

So now the question remains–who did Lindsay have sex with that made her think she’d frolicked with Franco? Here’s a few best guesses…


Dave Franco

This seems like a given, right? Dave and James definitely look similar. Perhaps Lindsay and Dave Franco had a late night commingling, and she mixed the brothers up?


Riff Raff

Did Lindsay have a late night out and wake up next to the James Frano of the rap game? Riff Raff definitely looks like a tatted-up James Franco from space, and it’s really possible if Lindsay had just seen Spring Breakers


James Franco Impersonator

This Canadian dude goes around and pretends to be James Franco at parties. We all know Lindsay likes to party–so is there a chance she ran into this gentleman on the left? Or is it the right?


Dane DeHaan

“Oh, You’re Harry Osbourne? Cool!” Perhaps Lindsay got her villains mixed up. 


Jeff Buckley

This would technically be The Ghost of Jeff Buckley,.but maybe Lindsay’s taking her cues from Ke$ha these days. Also, isn’t sex with a ghost safe and STD-free?


Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings kinda looks like Franco in drag, and we all know Lindsay has a thing for women–or have we all already forgotten Samantha Ronson so quickly? Anyway, this is probably the most pleasant thought that we’ll have all day about Lindsay Lohan’s sex life.

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